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Yoga teaching is more about quality of attention than lots of techniques and flexibility

Many people assume that to be a good yoga teacher you need a lot of skills in yoga and a good body to teach with as well as the ability to do strong and elaborate postures well.

Bodhiyoga 2022

This years, 2022,  wonderful Bodhiyoga group. Many thanks to Diana, Prajñāśrī, B, Liz, Sophia, Sarah and Ruth. Thanks Sadhita and our great cooks David and Carlos. 


The Call of the Forest retreat - June 2023, Suryavana, Spain

When you take up the practice of yoga and meditation often the call is coming from a deeper less conscious place, not in full view. It is only over time and with persistent practice that we get to see the motives and inspirations behind our doing these practices and the benefits of doing them as well. 


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