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Mindfulness Yoga and Fertility Related issues - Ann Bracken recently qualified 500 hour Certified Bodhiyoga teacher

It is estimated that 72.4 million women globally experience fertility problems and the impact in their lives is far-reaching. Fertility problems impinge on an individual’s physical health and their relationships with others while also adding pressure onto work and social situations. Fertility problems for some couples may mean achieving a successful pregnancy having experienced repeated miscarriage, while for others their experience of infertility is ‘secondary infertility’ – where they have had a child in the past but are unable to conceive a subsequent child.

Integrating Mindfulness Yoga as part of a Mind-Body Health approach to reduce Stress - Ann Bracken - recently qualified 500 hour Certified Bodhiyoga teacher

The medical definition of stress describing it in terms of cause and effect is; “a physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. Stresses can be external from the environment, psychological, or social situations or internal e.g. from illness or a medical procedure for example.” (William Shiel MD, 2018). When the stress reaction is triggered, it initiates a complex neurological and endocrinological response to prepare the body to react to a perceived threat.

Meditación - Movimiento hacia lo esencial

Sudaka-meditación-Valencia La vida moderna trae consigo un cierto nivel de estrés y dispersión y, como consecuencia la superficialidad y falta de satisfacción.

Meditation - Movement towards the Essential

Sudaka-meditation Modern life entails a great deal of movement from one activity to another and often several activities at the same time!

Dear potential yoga teacher

Dear potential yoga teacher, as you have been searching for a time, and we hope, now found the course that you want to pursue with Bodhiyoga international, we hope to guide you onto the next step of your training path. 

Cinco aspectos de Yoga Mindfulness

1. Tomar conciencia de las sensaciones corporales que surgen en la postura

2. Desarrollar atención plena de todo el cuerpo - atención global

3. Cultivar un aprecio de tu“Paisaje emocional”

4. Contemplar que todo experiencia está cambiando - La impermanencia -“Anitya”

5. Prestar atención, sé consciente del proceso de respirar 

-Ana Pana Sati


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