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Sudaka Sadhita 2023During our training and preparation to enter the Triratna Buddhist Order in the the late 90's and early 2000's we were aware of each others Buddhist yogi adventures and exploits. Sudaka was training in the Iyengar/Ashtanga schools of yoga and Sadhita in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and therapy modalities.

New video for Suryavana. Donated by Jesu Maraz edited by Mónica from Visually Story

Vídeo donado por Jesu Maraz editado por Mónica de Visually Story

Presentado por Sudaka (Director de Suryavana). Notar que la comunidad Triratna empezaba actividades en España en los años 80 y en Valencia en los 90. Ya más de 35 años en España.


last class of 2023 with Bodhiyoga

Special end of year session……last class of 2023 with Bodhiyoga. Online via Zoom. Wednesday 27th December 6-8pm Uk time.

Bodhiyoga 2023

A pleasure to lead this years’ teacher training with Sadhita, with a great team of Padmashalin as our chef, Una and Rebekah helping

Bodhiyoga 2023

Iyengar Institute 1997

Been reflecting on the good fortune to work with the Iyengar Yoga school way back in the day. An auspicious friend, Narapriya encouraged me to start the training when I arrived back from Asia in the autumn 1995.

Yoga classes Online every Wednesday 6pm UK time. First Class Free!

Wednesdays 6.00-7.15pm UK time
£10 per class/£40 per month
£25 per month teacher trainees

Last class of Bodhiyoga Weekly til September

Hi everyone. Wednesday (26 July)  the last class of the “season”. That will be the 70th class that we will post up to YouTube. These classes are free to use by anyone, offering a broad presentation of our Bodhiyoga repertoire. 


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