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Meditation - Movement towards the Essential

Sudaka-meditation Modern life entails a great deal of movement from one activity to another and often several activities at the same time!

Dear potential yoga teacher

Dear potential yoga teacher, as you have been searching for a time, and we hope, now found the course that you want to pursue with Bodhiyoga international, we hope to guide you onto the next step of your training path. 

Cinco aspectos de Yoga Mindfulness

1. Tomar conciencia de las sensaciones corporales que surgen en la postura

2. Desarrollar atención plena de todo el cuerpo - atención global

3. Cultivar un aprecio de tu“Paisaje emocional”

4. Contemplar que todo experiencia está cambiando - La impermanencia -“Anitya”

5. Prestar atención, sé consciente del proceso de respirar 

-Ana Pana Sati

Pathways of Yoga Part II - click to see PDF to download or read

Pathways of Yoga, Part II

Further reflections 

Having written “Pathways of Yoga, a personal exploration of three approaches to Yoga, a few questions arose. Principally, why? Why take up yoga practice in the first place. Why take up posture practice and why meditate?

You the yoga teacher; The pro’s and pro’s of the trade

Becoming a teacher is a big step and we want to help any budding yoga teacher move into a professional career through careful and nurturing steps to grow from being a practitioner to a teacher. 


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