Bringing Mindfulness to Yoga. Certification with Bodhiyoga

Passionate about Yoga and want to deepen your practice?

​Become a qualified yoga teacher and share your love of the practice with others

3 steps to train with us:

1. Join our weekly Online classes
2. Attend our 5 day Online Foundation (17-21 July 2024)
3. Come to our 15 day Residential course in Spain (30 September-14 October 2024)

What You'll Gain:

  • Working practical knowledge of a full range of posture practice
  • In-depth understanding of Buddhist meditation & Mindfulness applied to Yoga
  • An opportunity to grow spiritually & self-discovery
  • Join a Community of like-minded souls
  • Internationally recognized certification

Why Choose Us?

  1. 30 years teaching and practice experience each
  2. Small class sizes for personalized attention
  3. Peaceful and inspiring training environment
  4. High quality vegetarian food
  5. Private rooms available
  6. Recorded Online sessions to revisit anytime 
  7. 15 days Residential course gaining practical hands-on experience 
  8. Swimming pool on-site

Limited Places Available!
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