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Piriformis syndrome, hips and emotions - Josephine Norrbu- a contribution essay for 500 hour teacher training with Bodhiyoga


This essay will explore some aspects of yoga and hip work. The hips are an area which to most of us hold a lot of tension. This can have many reasons, but in this essay we will look at one specific problem, the piriformis syndrome. What are the main causes of performs syndrome and what asanas can we use to relieve the pain? Apart from that, I will also explore the statement that ’emotions are stuck in the hips’, which is commonly heard through out yoga classes - are there any relevance to this and how can this be addressed in our yoga classes?

Teaching Yoga mindfully in the 21st century by the light of the Four Noble Truths

This is contribution from Samantha Paranavitana, the second assignment for her 500 hour Certification which she completed this November 2017.

 “What is the Noble Truth of Suffering? Birth is suffering, aging is suffering, dissociation from the loved is suffering, not to get what one wants is suffering: in short the five categories affected by clinging are suffering”

Choosing your yoga teacher training

It can be a daunting experience given the number of options available nowadays. We specialise in training small groups, moving away from the model of mass production and preferring the model of small, intimate and thorough.

What is Bodhiyoga?

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