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Remedial Yoga and Applied Mindfulness Teacher Training with us at Suryavana

Our module II advanced teacher training began about 6 years ago out of a desire to help teachers see and work with potential problem areas with their students. These typical maladies are things such as back problems, knee problems, shoulder problems neck problems and poor posture. Our work grew out of an observed need to give teachers these key skills to help them be more confident and effective teachers in the classroom and one to one.  


After many months of searching for a reputable yoga teacher training school I contacted a yoga teacher of mine from many years ago, who incidentally evoked the inspiration of hopefully becoming a yoga teacher myself! She suggested I search on the Independent Yoga Network website as it is amongst two, the other one being the British Wheel of Yoga, governing bodies in the UK. She stated that any courses/schools that are advertised under either of these two umbrellas will be a recognised and accredited qualification accepted in the UK and Europe.

Mid-Winter Letter from Sudaka

Greetings from us Sadhita and Sudaka. A little news from us

YOGA, SANGHA, DRISTI, BHAKTI - charla con Cosmin

Hola, pasamaos un buen rato y cubrimos mucho terreno en este enuentro con mi amigo Cosmin en su estudio de Yoga en Calle na Jordana. Disfruta la conversación.....gracias Cosmin por tu inspiración!


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