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"The New Normal" - How Bodhiyoga International is adapting to the crisis?

Clearly, across the board, anyone running international presencial activities is having a tough time right now! No surprises. I am based in Spain and this years tourism has been a wipe out! My wife works in the field of promoting cultural and touristic activities in the region, both locally and internationally and all her projects have been put on hold. Many bars restaurants, theatres, cinemas and hotels in Valencia and along the coast are shut and with 90% reduction in overseas visitors. All the summer festivals have been cancelled.

"la Nueva Normalidad" - ¿Como se adapta Bodhiyoga Internacional a la crises?

¡Claramente, en general, cualquiera que realice actividades presenciales internacionales está pasando un momento difícil ahora mismo! No hay sorpresas. ¡Estoy basado en España y este año el turismo ha sido un desastre! Mi esposa trabaja en el campo de la promoción de actividades culturales y turísticas en la región, tanto a nivel local como internacional, y todos sus proyectos se han suspendido. Como vemos, muchos bares, restaurantes, teatros, cines y hoteles en Valencia y a lo largo de la costa están cerrados y con una reducción del 90% en los visitantes extranjeros.

Teaching Meditation to Asana Junkies Bringing Mindfulness to Yoga Asana Classes - Article by Sara-Mai Conway, 500 hour Certified Bodhiyoga teacher

Many thanks to Sara-Mai Conway who recently qualified as a 500 hour Certified Bodhiyoga teacher having completed the presencial training Remedial Yoga & Applied Mindfulness Advanced Teacher CPD Training, 500 hour Certification in November 2019 and written and practical assignments in July 2020.
Sudaka and Sadhita

I personally came to yoga through the path of asana and find myself teaching others who aren’t yet aware yoga is anything other than asana. For many students, yoga and meditation are two separate things, and they haven’t signed up for the latter. This post is for yoga teachers who find themselves in a similar situation. May it be useful as a guide to those who wish to gently nudge their doing-addicted students toward being. 

Hot and sweaty yoga asana classes meet us where we are in our addiction to movement and serve a useful purpose as an introduction to the path. On a physical level yoga asana provides us with strength and resiliency, but also flexibility, spaciousness and freedom from pain. As we progress in our yoga practice we begin to see that strength, flexibility and freedom from pain are not merely attributes of the form body, but apply to the subtle body and mind as well. 


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