What makes an ideal Bodhiyoga student? Who are we looking for

Bodhiyoga-students1. Minimum Experience: Have a minimum of two years of yoga practice behind them

2. Interest in Mindfulness: Have an interest in mindfulness and meditation practices, as these aspects are emphasized in the Bodhiyoga training programme. 
3. Commitment to Learning: Be dedicated and committed to personal and professional growth as a yoga teacher, as the programme spans over 12 months and includes residential training, online courses, and assignments.
4. Openness to Different Yoga Styles:  Be open to exploring and learning different yoga styles, including dynamic flowing vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Therapeutic approaches.
5. Desire to Teach: Have a genuine interest in sharing their knowledge and teaching yoga to others, as practical teaching experience is included in the programme. 
6. Willingness to Embrace Mind-Body Connection: Be willing to understand and embrace the mind-body connection inherent in yoga, as the program incorporates mindfulness, sensations, emotions, breath, and impermanence into the practice.
7. Appreciation for Tradition: Have an appreciation for the yoga and Buddhist traditions, as the program is led by experienced teachers who have immersed themselves in these traditions for more than three decades.
8. Desire for Ongoing Support: Value ongoing support and community. The programme offers follow-up interviews, regular weekly classes, and the opportunity to join retreats and trainings post-course.