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A postcard from Suryavana, Bodhiyoga teacher training 2017

This year we are in Suryavana, which means “The Illuminated Forest”, the new retreat centre run by the Buddhist Centre in Valencia. Both Sadhita and I work through the Buddhist Centre most of the year we were both keen to make use of the new facilities to collaborate and support this new project.

The Ancient & Modern Roots of Yoga from the Yoga Journal by Mark Singleton

I read this book a few years ago. It was published in 2010 and is revolutionary in terms of how we look at hatha yoga as modern day persons practicing in the post-modern world. It will provoke questions around our relationship to traditions, cultures and lineages and how much importance we give to them.

Josh Gale gets awarded his 200 hour Certificate

josh-gale-bodhiyoga-teacherJosh Gale gets awarded his 200 hour Certificate (more than 270 contact hours with us plus  many post course studies).

Yoga as an integrated system of practice that belongs to humanity - The British Wheel of Yoga and Introducing National Occupational Standards - a letter from Sadhita

The Independent Yoga Network are following up moves by the Britsh Wheel of Yoga to apporach "Skills Active" in the UK with the the aim of introducing national occupational standards into yoga teaching. 

Sadhita as Yoga Elder registered with IYN responds in a letter to be published and addressed to the Bristsh Wheel of Yoga.


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