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No.1 in a series on Bodhiyoga Concepts


Bodhiyoga is now in it's third year of teaching. In this blog we are going to outline some of the principles of the courses that we do. This is a new series of blogs that we are launching in order to inform potential students about what we do and to give an idea to yogis who are interested in training, more what they might get from training with us.

When we launched the Bodhiyoga course we had a number of things in mind about what we wanted to present and teach. On the one hand we wanted to present a good solid foundation in teaching practice and hatha yoga methods suitable for modern westerners. On the other hand we wanted to present material from the Buddhist tradition that we considered to be important and integral to developing a yoga practice beyond just the purely physical realms.

Bodhiyoga ­ yoga teacher training course (A review) 2012: Spain with Sudaka & Sadhita

The Bodhiyoga teacher training course this year took place in Spain at Solterreno, a retreat venue run by Dh. Bodhin who is a long term ex­pat resident and once worked around the Valencia Buddhist center. The course was presented by its founders Dh.Sudaka and Dh.Sadhita. Bodhiyoga has had a long gestation period of many years, followed by more than a year of writing and preparing the material.


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