Bodhiyoga Mindfulness Based Yoga Retreats

bodhiyoga-mindfulness-based-yoga-retreatsSuḍāka and Sadhita are offering two distinct meditation and yoga retreats in Spain. We have a fantastic new venue run by the Valencia Buddhist Centre, a place dedicated exclusively to spiritual practice. Please see the video below.

More than just a yoga retreat, Suḍāka and Sadhita introduce gradually practices from the Hatha yoga tradition, as well as core Buddhist teachings. A typical day involves a morning double session of meditation then yoga. In the afternoon we offer a second session of more recuperative yoga or breath-work. We present themes related to mindfulness, meditation, yoga and Buddhism. 
We ask all participants to agree and assent to the following;
1. A minimum of 6 months regular meditation practice. 
2. To follow the programme and practice the silence as fully as possible. 
3. To stay for the duration of the retreat. (No day trips out)
4. Please note retreat location is not a holiday venue. Just beautiful silence, forests, 
hills and sky. We attempt to provide all the conditions necessary to deepen your meditation and yoga practice.