I had been thinking about progressing my teacher training CPD for some time and so was delighted to take the opportunity to join the Remedial Yoga 500 hour TT with Bodhiyoga. I successfully qualified on the Bodhiyoga 300 TT in January 2022 and since then I have been teaching twice weekly at a local leisure centre. Many of my students ask me frequently how to manage low back, knee, shoulder and other musculoskeletal problems and so enrolling on this course was a natural progression for me to learn more and subsequently be able apply these leanings at my classes. I am drawn to the Bodhiyoga teaching approach because of its focus on mindfulness and even when teaching my students I continually integrate this meditative approach. 
The course itself covered the main 6 musculoskletal areas that many people present through injuries or joint problems and the content was carefully structured with clear sequences and adaptations. The emphasis on anatomy relative to these areas was very useful and offered more insight into the possible causes of the problems.
I found the course very inspiring and I have already started to apply the sequences in my classes which emphasise the balance of building strength and improving mobility. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to develop their overall approach in teaching and equip themselves with a tailored practice for clients who would benefit from progressive sequences that may better manage their pain and difficulties from musculoskeletal issues. 
I truly value Sadhita and Sudaka’s very considered and gentle style of teaching and try to emulate it in my own classes. They seemlessly articulate the qualities of metta and instruct with compassion, kindness and generosity. To me, these are fundamental in the practice of yoga and I continually try and integrated these in my daily life as well as in my classes. (Sangeeta Sedani U.K.)


After many months of searching for a reputable yoga teacher training school I contacted a yoga teacher of mine from many years ago, who incidentally evoked the inspiration of hopefully becoming a yoga teacher myself! She suggested I search on the Independent Yoga Network website as it is amongst two, the other one being the British Wheel of Yoga, governing bodies in the UK. She stated that any courses/schools that are advertised under either of these two umbrellas will be a recognised and accredited qualification accepted in the UK and Europe. I was looking to hold a qualification that is UK recognised and covered by insurance both here and internationally. Following a video call with Sadhita I instantly felt connected and had that ‘gut’ feeling that the Body yoga 300hr YTT was the one for me. I enrolled on to the course in October 2020 along with a small group of other aspiring yoga students and after on-line 5-day foundation part of the course, meditation workshops and a couple of upper and lower body yoga weekend workshops I finally arrived in stunning Suryvana on the 1st October 2021 for the residential 2 weeks part of the course. I was struck by the breath-taking beautiful location of the retreat centre amongst the rolling Spanish hills and lush countryside near Valencia. The course was full-on from 7.30am to around 9.30pm daily. Sudaka and Sadhita’s style is very structured, thorough with a running meditative theme of mindfulness throughout the course. I loved their very considered step by step approach (also referred to as ‘Vinyasa Krama’) in taking us progressively through 11 main groups of yoga poses and teach us how to sequence classes to take a certain path of postures, arrive at a peak pose or explore a certain them for example back bends or standing postures complemented with breath-work. In addition what I found really helpful was the daily posture analysis and the invaluable practice of class-room teaching! The latter in my opinion is fundamental in building your confidence to becoming a good yoga teacher!

I am truly grateful to Sadhita and Sudaka for all that I learnt and explored during the almost a year’s duration mix of on-line and residential course. My heart/mind will always closely hold the very fond memories of my time in beautiful Suryvana amongst the loveliest of people I have come across. I hope to return to Suryvana and Bodhiyoga soon for retreats and further learning and even to the Valencia region to follow my vision and hope of setting up my own yoga school somewhere around there in the not too distant future", Sangeeta Sedani, U.K.


"The Mindfulness Yoga retreat I attended at Suryavana gave a massive boost to my yoga and meditation practices. I came home recharged and reminded of the huge potential of a mindfulness approach to yoga. The surrounding Spanish countryside is spacious, quiet and beautiful, and the accommodation and facilities clean and well taken care of. Sadhita and Sudaka have this brilliant ability to hold a group, keeping it focused, while being humorous and lighthearted, too. I will be going back!" Josh Gale, New Zealand (based in Heidelberg, Germany

"Sudaka and Sadhita are wise and kind teachers who have thoughtfully and carefully created a training program that builds from their own many years of trainings and rich knowledge to uniquely combine a beautiful and safe version of hatha yoga with the concept of mindfulness.  Imagine experiencing your asana practice from the inside-out!  The immense amount of preparation and the care put into the program is obvious, and makes it absolutely authentic, solid, generous.   I left La Artiga inspired by amazing mindfulness yoga practices and a solid base for sharing it with others, a greatly improved meditation practice, many ideas and tools to help me to live my life with awareness... and with the echoes of the kindness, compassion and friendships I found at La Artiga within the temporary sangha of 11 beautiful people.  It was an invaluable gift and I am so grateful to have discovered Bodhiyoga." - Sarah de Joybert, Canada
"Three weeks with Sadhita and Sudaka have deepened my practice in ways I could not have expected. Their approach to yoga is beautifully transformative, connecting mind, body and breath in harmony. Bodhiyoga 200-hour training is as much a professional training as an invitation to discover yourself. I feel honoured and grateful for the time I have spent at La Artiga with such an international sangha. The richness of people’s experiences was enlightening and powerfully inspirational. I would strongly recommend this TTC to anyone inspired by yoga and Buddhist principles." Léa, Paris, France
"Sadhita and Sudaka both have that ability to teach in a seemingly effortless manner that comes from many years of practice. Proceeding from their own experience in the moment, the teaching becomes alive and creative. They won’t spoon-feed you, but invite you to take responsibility for your own learning process, exploring your practice of yoga and meditation to build up a base of experience from which to teach. Despite years of practice and another TTC before this one, I have never before reached this quality of experience, being able to bring a softness and a sense of exploration and creativity into my own practice. I feel touched and grateful to Sadhita, Sudaka and the whole team for having created such a beautiful training and supportive learning environment.  I can now teach with a deep sense of confidence and creativity. Anna-Karin Darpö, Stockholm, Sweden