On Becoming a Yoga teacher

On-Becoming-a-Yoga-teacherA personal story that could be yours:

One day after about eight years of practising yoga, both via Iyengar and later Astangha methods it dawned on me that yoga had been so influential in my life that I wanted to share it with others. There began a long and somewhat diverse training process to enter into the world of teaching yoga including a trip to India and years studying with influential London based teachers. 
Many of us are inspired by the prospect of passing on what we have learned and if you, like me, have a passion for teaching then perhaps that urge will become quite strong over time.
Of course, becoming a teacher requires a lot of discipline and practice. Walking out of a teacher training course does not deliver us immediately among the ranks of knowledgeable and effective teachers. In Bodhiyoga we like the term 'training process'. You come in to an environment and begin to train, supported, encouraged by others that want to do the same and by some who have long trode the path of teaching.  
In this environment you learn and 'form' yourself into a teacher and begin to garner the necessary skills. In time, after much teaching, your own voice begins to develop. 
The cultivation of a strong regular practice based in mindfulness gives the right skills and tools for becoming a teacher. It's important to see that everyone develops at their own pace and some get into teaching quicker than others. Practice is paramount as without it our teaching becomes repetitive and uninspired. With yoga, as it involves the whole of your being, you can't fake it, you actually have to have practice under your belt. It requires integrity and authenticity..
When I set out teaching I felt great joy, something in me came to life that I hadn't seen before. I'm deeply grateful to have found yoga and to have shared it with  hundreds maybe thousands of others. 
This year we are unfolding our eighth 200hrs comprehensive training, so if thinking about it, ask yourself this question: what do I need to develop to become a good teacher? 
We now have twelve students on our course for this year which is close to our limit with 2-3 spaces left. 
We hope to see you here for the 2019 TT in the inner territory of Jerica, not far from Valencia. 
Are you up for the challenge?