You the yoga teacher; The pro’s and pro’s of the trade

Becoming a teacher is a big step and we want to help any budding yoga teacher move into a professional career through careful and nurturing steps to grow from being a practitioner to a teacher. 

We have a carefully designed course that has been developed over ten years, working to cultivate a reflective, dynamic and professional approach to teaching yoga, bringing you into a new level of yoga experience and preparing you for the next step in your career.
It was an old man who did yoga that inspired me to get into teaching yoga when he said to me: ‘why don’t you do what you love and share it with other people’. Those simple words have been a foundation for much of what I do in my life on all levels and with regards to yoga, it has never let me down. 
If you can answer yes to any of the below questions then perhaps it’s time for a change to sharing your love or passion with the world
Q. is yoga more than just a hobby i.e becoming a passion?
Q. do you like to communicate and share your knowledge? 
Q. are you thinking that you’d like to do something more rewarding and meaningful with you time?
Q. do you want to work for yourself?
Q. does doing yoga put you in touch with yourself more fully…would you like to teach others to do the same?
So, why am I asking you all of this?
More than twenty five years ago I began the journey from yogi as practitioner to yogi as teacher. That journey has been fully rewarding. I wish I had space to tell you about it, but I don’t want to take too much of your time. 
The number of students that are out there still out number the quantity of teachers. What the yoga teaching arena lacks still is teachers with depth of experience and dedication to teaching. The mindfulness element to the training gives you an edge over other systems of yoga in that you go deeper into the practice and gain a new level of experience.  
Often the process starts with confidence, we see it every time on our courses. ‘I can’t be a teacher because… [put you own excuse in the gap here]. But you can and almost everyone that graduates form our courses goes on to teach. Those that don’t, have gained a deep experience of themselves and their yoga through our course and we and they are happy with that.  
We’d love to be the one’s that train you and bring you into your practice at a deeper level. And even train you as a teacher. Wether or not you want to be  a teacher doesn’t matter. We hope that you do. However, if not you will get the chance to immerse yourself in an intense yoga environment learning and progressing as a practitioner. 
Our courses and retreats are open for bookings now. The main event happens in September 2020. We only do one a year as these courses are so special we spend the year preparing to deliver the course as best we can.