Why Bodhiyoga teacher training is different?


What does Bodhiyoga International offer you as a trainee student and why is this course different from many yoga teacher training courses?

Making the decision that you want to train to teach yoga and taking the first steps can be difficult. What course? Where and how? These are questions to clarify before you book your place. Some of the most important questions are: How many hours of teaching practice will I actually get on the course? How much input and feedback will I receive during and after training? Will I get accredited straight after the course or is there post-contact assignment work? Then, Who will be my practice students whilst I build up experience?

When setting out on the teaching path, the above points are necessary to clarify what kind of training you want to do and what your aims are.

For everyone training in the Bodhiyoga International system there are some key points that are really important to get across to would be students. Are you committed to undergoing an intensive training both online and then residentially? Have you got the time to make the most out of your time training for extra private studies at home? Can you meet the course deadlines?

Fortunately we lay all of these elements out in a graduated path, once that you make your decision. As our concern is to bring forward the best teachers possible helping each to find their talents, the Bodhiyoga course is structured in such as way as to bring you speedily to your goal of teaching. Nothing is rushed, but the pace is consistent.

We are initiating the next training in February 2022 with an online component which is meditation. We take a small dedicated group of students (10-12) each year and work personally with each one in a way that helps each person.

Yoga, whilst not being a panacea for all of the worlds problems, does go along way to helping people deal with stress reduction, work with ailments, build immunity, heal the body and centre the mind. For this reason so many people nowadays practice yoga - they know that it is a powerful healing tool.

Bodhiyoga has a structured approach its course and there is a flexible payment plan. Interested?

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