What Is Yoga? Reflections from the 200 hour "class of 2019" many thanks......

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a way of life,
A mind-body connection that supports self-awareness -
A very direct way of working with my emotions.
Yoga is a Path
of Self-discovery,
an adjunct to meditation
The Way
I connect to my body and mind
The Way
I do my mindfulness
Practice every day
How I recharge my energy...
Yoga is a language in which we can converse with the body:
Asanas and Vinyasa Krama
are its vocabulary and its grammar.
La union con el universo:
Yoga cleans
Yoga cleans obstacles
Obstacles to communication
Communication with the universe.
Yoga is the conversation between body and mind:
their language
Yoga ES Amor, Allegria y Pas.
Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit
Yoga is a practice of
learning to balance
- balance receptive awareness with the natural creativity of life.
A system of psycho-physical discipline rooted in an ethical perspective.
The opportunity to experience the pleasure and limits of your body and mind.
Yoga is an inquiry into the body's responses to its environment.
A set of exercises that builds
Strength, Flexibility, Cardio.
It can leap all over the place //
can leap all over the place.
Awakening energy.
Opening, but grounding.