Soon to offer 8th edition of the Mindfulness Yoga teacher training for 200 hours Certification

The Bodhiyoga teacher training 2019 is approaching, now only three and a half months remain before the start of the three week 200hrs course which could change the way you think about yoga practice. 
Anyone considering working in the world of yoga teaching would do well to take a serious training that will help you bed into your new career with confidence and ease. We can help you get there. 
Just having completed another one week retreat with a small group of dedicated seekers, in the Suryavana retreat centre we have once again witnesses the transformative power of yoga based in the mindfulness principles of Bodiyoga, essentially drawing on the early buddhist tradition of the Satipattana text. 
It's not what you do but the way that you do it!
Yoga, which is an ancient practice as is mindfulness, can be approached in many ways. There is no right or wrong. Perhaps the only criteria would be one of more or less effective in your development. Some yoga serves to stimulate health and the physical systems of the body whereas other forms are geared towards a more holistic training of the body mind. This is closer, we believe, to the roots of Hatha yoga. Therefore our training incorporates a dynamic range of approaches to yoga practice but all of it being based in the mindfulness training of Satipattana. The results of this are immediately tangible and have long term potential effects. 
As the saying goes it 'ain't what you do its the way that you do it'. Applied to a practice like yoga, this means it's not the many fancy poses or breathing practices we do that makes a yogi, but the integrity, discipline and awareness whereby the real effects of practice start to show their 'colours' that counts. 
The 2019 course booking up
Not yet fully booked but on its way. If you were in for the early bird discount, well done to get there on time. Please note that this offer is now finished for this year and the standard fee applies. A single room supplement is available on request and according to availability.
We look forward to seeing our new teachers-to-be turn up this year and begin their journey. 
Warm wishes from the Bodhiyoga team.