"The New Normal" - How Bodhiyoga International is adapting to the crisis?

Clearly, across the board, anyone running international presencial activities is having a tough time right now! No surprises. I am based in Spain and this years tourism has been a wipe out! My wife works in the field of promoting cultural and touristic activities in the region, both locally and internationally and all her projects have been put on hold. Many bars restaurants, theatres, cinemas and hotels in Valencia and along the coast are shut and with 90% reduction in overseas visitors. All the summer festivals have been cancelled. This goes right back to the cancelling of Fallas festival which has not happened since the Civil war in the 1930´s. Ironically my personal yoga, meditation and study practice have all benefitted from the obligations of "sheltering in place". There has been much less outward movement and much more time at home.
The question is then how to teach? How to promote our activities and trainings given the new international situation we are all experiencing. For me, the question is an existential one, I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years, more than half my life and it really is important to me, not just a "job". A part of me suffers at not being able to express itself. Talking to other teacher friends this issue has become apparent for them too.
I am confident too that the health crisis will resolve itself with better therapeutics and maybe an effective vaccine. We are all in a vital moment where we have to practice patience, tighten the belt and look ahead.
An obvious way for us even given its limitations to reach out to the world is through the World Wide Web, originally conceived as a means of pier to pier communications without limits and without boundaries. So that brings us to.......

Bodhiyoga Online

We ran a successful and surprisingly satisfactory event this June with students from the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
This September and November we offer a six week Online Meditation training and two three day meditation and yoga training workshops/retreats.
The yoga draws from Yin yoga, a wonderfully grounding and calming practice combined with short powerful, strengthening and toning sequences of a more dynamic therapeutic approach to yoga.
We explore intimately the connection between the body work and meditation through Mindfulness. Open to all students, practitioners and teachers. 
In Part One we will explore the yoga emphasising the upper body and in Part Two working the pelvis and core of the body. You are welcome to join one of both of the events. 
Connect with people around the world and do your practice from your own home!
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