May Newsletter from Bodhiyoga International

Dear friends, here are a few reasons to train with Bodhiyoga this year and gain your 200hrs qualification.

We are starting at a new venue in Spain, a beautiful new retreat centre less than one hour from Valencia. We have a great team, both teachers and support team for the course. The environment is stunning. The teaching support and practice will be very clear and thorough and...we do all of what we do, for the love of our work and the dharma. 

Your work is your life...

What you do for your work effects your mind, and how you feel in general about your life. Work is such a big part of our lives and has a deep effect on us over years. Teaching mindfulness yoga is an enriching and rewarding thing to do. Not only does it benefit your students, it benefits you, the teacher. 

We invite anyone who is thinking about training this year, to get in touch with us now.



End of another retreat...

We have just completed another retreat this time at our comfortable spacious new venue 'Suryavana' where the wind blows warm, the sun shines and the only sounds are those of nature.

Our group consisted of people from all over the world, again another truly international Bodhiyoga event. We met again some of our existing Bodhiyoga teachers as well as some new people who were coming just to do a retreat. Thanks to our students for making the retreat happen and go so well. 

What did we do? We practiced together for a week as a community, meditation practicing yoga, periods of silence, for reflection and quite and generally enjoyed the positive atmosphere or the environment. 

We had a new chef, Pamdashalin working wonders for us in the kitchen with sustaining vegetarian food. He'll be back in 6 weeks to cook again on our TT 200hrs. 

All in all the event was another example of what can happen when you bring a group of people together in good conditions and do practice. A positive and enriching even for all. 

We hope to see you soon.

The Bodhiyoga team.