Dear potential yoga teacher

Dear potential yoga teacher, as you have been searching for a time, and we hope, now found the course that you want to pursue with Bodhiyoga international, we hope to guide you onto the next step of your training path. 

When we launched the Bodhiyoga program in 2012 we always had at the front of our minds, the quality of our training, the personal connection with the to-be teacher and how best to train you. We believe our system to be a highly effective one combining hours of practice teaching, theoretical study relevant to your teaching both on the course and at home, and a strong sense of connecting to fellow students treading the same path as you.

But our course is challenging. We designed it in that way because we see that you grow by taking on each day a small set of challenges, as a trainee teacher, and it brings the best out in you. 

Are you ready to take the leap? 

You've nothing to lose. If you are serious about your practice and feel a desire to help others connect to thier yoga practice and learn with you, then its time to get on with your training with us. 

Our courses are small group designed, for maximum student teacher contact time and to optimise your practice hours during the course. 
When you come to Spain for the training you will be welcomed into the growing Bodhiyoga community that spreads through many countries worldwide.

As Goethe was claimed to point out: all manner of things are possible with imagination, energy and the desire to go there. You becoming a professional yoga teacher is up to you and how you imagine it. What we do is to take your inspiration and help you mould your own practice and teaching skills into a coherent system giving you the confidence to go out into the world (sometimes a bit scary!) and use your skills to help change lives, improve health and give people a positive practice to engage with.

For more information about our courses at level 1 and 2 see our website. Why not arrange a one-to-one with one of our teachers?

Be aware that our offer for the course ends the end of this month reducing the course fees by £500!

This offer will end by the last day of Februarythe 29th February, after which time full course fees will be charged. 

We also run a number of week long retreats each year which are popular with existing trainees as well as our post-grad students. These give a good grounding in our method and are highly encouraged before coming on the full training course.

Make contact with us today to get your discount.

We look forward to seeing you here.

The bodhiyoga team.