Choosing your yoga teacher training

It can be a daunting experience given the number of options available nowadays. We specialise in training small groups, moving away from the model of mass production and preferring the model of small, intimate and thorough.

Bodhiyoga international has a reputation for being a unique yoga teacher training program that will take you from beginner to proficient, giving you confidence and experience to then be able to go and teach in public situations, sharing your love of yoga practice with the world.

What is our course about?

Why our yoga teacher training is different is that we are not promoting a style of yoga. Instead we promote a way to practice yoga based upon solid yogic and meditational principles. These principles are tried and tested. They are based in the Buddhist practice of ‘mind training in awakening’ that is referred to as the ‘foundations of mindfulness’. In essence, yoga practice with a basis of mindfulness. We give you all the skills you need to create and design your classes and sequences based upon our system.

What you’ll leave the course with?

Lots of inspiration, a clear and comprehensive course manual, course work to further your learning and get certified with our school and 200hrs of solid training that will launch you into a new career. On top of this you are likely to make connections with people that may last a lifetime. We put a lot of emphasis on group work so that you can connect your inspiration with that of other budding teachers.

How is the course run?

The main part of the training is run over three weeks, with an option of a split 2 week and 1 week the following year for those of you that can't make three weeks away. The mornings are devoted to practice and then study and the afternoons are devoted to practice analysis and then practice teaching. The course has its own rhythm and you soon fit into the flow of it all...


The 500hr module II CPD course (Continuing Professional Development)

As of 2019 and in place of the current 500hrs course we will re-launch our 500hrs advanced remedial yoga course in a new format. The format will be a one week intensive training and a one week general retreat. This will give you skills to work with problems in all major joints of the body confidently and safely.

I want to train as a Bodhiyoga do I start?

You start by sending us a request application via our website. Then we will contact you and have a chat. From there we process your application and send you pre-course materials now down- loadable from our website. From there we keep you informed about what you will need to bring with you and what you need to do to prepare.

Want to speak to us and ask some questions?

Get on the phone and ask away, we are happy to receive your questions. Arrange this by email or WHATSAap. We can do Skype chat, FaceTime or Facebook chats. Whatever suits you.

Booking for the

1. Book on the 200hrs teacher training and attend a one week retreat in addition
2. Book for the whole BYTT 500hrs certification and attend two weeks of retreat in addition. For
the second option (booking the whole training level I and II) we offer a discount of the second general retreat of 240 GBP for 2019.
We look forward to hearing from you. The Bodhiyoga team.