The Call of the Forest retreat - June 2023, Suryavana, Spain

When you take up the practice of yoga and meditation often the call is coming from a deeper less conscious place, not in full view. It is only over time and with persistent practice that we get to see the motives and inspirations behind our doing these practices and the benefits of doing them as well. 
The 'Call of the Forest' retreat in 2023 in Suryavana, will be a chance to deepen into this call. We are offering a week of retreat in the beautiful Suryavana retreat centre outside Valencia with full board and teaching included in the price. There are at the moment a number of single rooms available so for single occupancy do book early. 
The retreat will be suitable for all stages of practice and levels of experience although we particularly invite Bodhiyoga teachers post-grad or in training. However, if you know anyone wanting to get a good introduction into meditation and yoga, please mention this to them, or you could come with a friend!
The retreat will have more yoga practice on the schedule than in the Bodhiyoga retreats that we have historically done, with three sessions a day. There will be silence, meditation and time for personal reflection and walks. Suryavana in the spring is a lovely place to practice and we are sure that you will benefit from the week of practice with us. Make time for this in your diary to refresh, clarify and deepen your commitment to practice. 
To book or enquire about the retreat contact Sadhita: