Bodhiyoga mindfulness yoga teacher training re-launch in 2022 offers a more comprehensive and detailed training to bring you from practitioner to teacher level...

When in 2012 Sadhita and Sudaka launched Bodhiyoga International, the decision was taken early on to provide a comprehensive and systematic training for yogis that wanted to both deepen their own practice and learn how to teach effectively as well.

Over the past two years the project has been laying low and now it is coming back to life to offer you one of the most comprehensive 500hrs yoga teacher trainings in the field today. This training, now has a hybrid format with on-line modules and a two week residential training that leads eventually to the full certification. Unlike many schools of yoga, Bodhiyoga is based on a number of different features that makes it unique in the yoga teacher training world.

1. The training has a strong and in-depth component of teaching methodology and teaching practice from day one on the residential module of the course. This helps you quickly get up to speed and builds your confidence in teaching yoga.
2. There is a strong theoretical and practice based module on meditation and mindfulness rooted in Buddhist thought and tradition. This gives the course another layer of significance as it helps make clear how yoga can be as much a practice of the mind as well as the body.
3. The split module hybrid program allows for easy access to the first part of the training and the two weeks module is more accessible for people with jobs and families. We provide full single room occupancy and vegetarian menu as part of the training.
4. The 500hrs training includes a special module on remedial yoga designed by Bodhiyoga International. This incorporates sequences that help to work with and understand typical joint problems in the body and use a unique set of sequences and practices to alleviate those problems.
5. The groups are always small, limited to ten to twelve maximum. This gives plenty of opportunity for personal input and work with the teachers
6. The course will allow you to join the IYN once qualified which is the umbrella organisation with which Bodhiyoga International is registered. You then can get access to a professional teaching community and insurance to teach.
7. The course is paced over a year to give you time to assimilate and practice, growing as a teacher each step of the way.

As the Bodhiyoga community has grown over the years, we have received some excellent feedback from the kindness of students that have trained with us:
"The Bodhiyoga TTC offers a beautifully thought out integration of yoga and Buddhism. I had spent many years unknowingly looking for this course, and these teachers Sudaka and Sadhita. Having just finished it, I can describe it as comprehensive, hard-work, inspirational and transformative. Sudaka and Sadhita are teachers with integrity who encompass that which they teach; this is their vocation. I feel very fortunate to have done this course and feel ready to teach Buddhism-inspired yoga." - Kate Marks, Liverpool, UK.

Now looking at 2022 for the start of the new 500hrs course, we are looking forward to a fresh start with a new group of aspiring yogis. Will you be one of those for the new year?
Yoga is needed more than ever. Since the 60’s, yoga in the West has grown exponentially and has not stopped. Bodhiyoga International has contributed to that development in the West, helping to bring teachers into the world that love sharing the gift of yoga. To take the next step get in touch with us today.
First module starts online in February 2022.