Back from the North

We are back from our Northern tour.I personally felt really privileged to be able to teach in such wonderful places. Dhanakosa just into the Highlands Scotland was spectacularly beautiful and we taught a full retreat with Amitashuri as meditation teacher and Angela as Organiser making 31 of us doing the retreat in the spacious Dhanakosa Retreat Centre.

We reconnected strongly with our vision of yoga practice as Mindfulness practice and a clear means to deepening the connection with oneself, waking up. Sharing the retreat with others led to connecting and opening to others in a healthy and meaningful way.
We also went and taught a Workshop at the London Buddhist Centre which was delightful, teaching in the mythic underground "Breathing Space", the walls decorated with original artwork from Aloka of the Buddha Shakyamuni and Vajrasattva,
I went on to teach a similar session in the Brighton Buddhist Centre on the Sunday.
Our first event in Suryavana this year will be at the end of April, called the "Fundamentals of Mindfulness Yoga" and we will explore our Mindfulness approach to yoga. Suryavana Retreat Centre is proving to be an excellent practice place, easy to get to from Valencia. Padmashalin our cook is now resident at Suryavana and thanks to Lu Turner and friends the gardens and orchards are in better condition than ever.
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